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Home > Products > Solar Inverter & Battery > 6000W 230VAC Solar Pure Sine Wave form Inverter kit with 48V 200AH lifepo4 battery
6000W 230VAC Solar Pure Sine Wave form Inverter kit with 48V 200AH lifepo4 battery
6000W 230VAC Solar Pure Sine Wave form Inverter kit with 48V 200AH lifepo4 battery

Model Number FPS6048
Inverter Mode Specification
Output Voltage Waveform Sine wave
Rated Output Power(VA) 6000
Rated Output Power(W) 6000
Power Factor 0~1.0
Nominal Output Voltage(V) 230Vac
Nominal Output Frequency(Hz) 50Hz±0.3Hz
Auto tracking Main Frequency(Hz) Yes(Following Main first connection)   50Hz@45-54Hz   60Hz@55-64Hz
Output Voltage Regulation ±10%rms
Nominal Efficiency >80%
OverLoad Protection(SMPS load) (100% (120% Load>140%±10%:Fault (shutdown output)after 20s
Surge rating (10s) 18000VA
Capable of starting electric motor 3 HP
Output Short Circuit Protection Current limit (Fault after 10s)
Nominal DC lnput Voltage 48V
Min DC Start Voltage 10V/20V/40V
Low Battery Alarm 10.5Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
21.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
42.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 48V battery
Low DC lnput Shut-down 10.0Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
20.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
40.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 48V battery
High DC lnput Alarm Fault 16Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
32Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
64Vdc±0.6Vdc for 48V battery
High DC lnput Recovery 15.5Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
31.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
62.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 48V battery
Power saver Load≤25W(Enabled on“P/S auto”setting of Remote control)
Line Mode Specification
Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal(utility or generator)
Nominal lnput Voltage 230Vac
Low Line Disconnect UPS mode:180Vac±4%   INV mode:160Vac±4%
Low Line Re-connect UPS mode:190Vac±4%  INV mode:170Vac±4%
High Line Disconnect UPS mode:265Vac±4%  INV mode:265Vac±4%
High Line Re-connect UPS mode:255Vac±4%  INV mode:255Vac±4%
Nominal lnput Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Auto detection)
Low Line Frequency Re-connect 58±0.3Hz for 60Hz; 45±0.3Hz for 50Hz
Low Line Frequency Disconnect 57±0.3Hz for 60Hz; 45±0.3Hz for 50Hz
High Line Frequency Re-connect 64±0.3Hz for 60Hz; 54±0.3Hz for 50Hz
High Line Frequency Disconnect 65±0.3Hz for 60Hz; 55±0.3Hz for 50Hz
Output Voltage Waveform As same as lnput Waveform
Over Load Protection(SMPS load) Circuit breaker
Output Short Circuit Protection
Efficiency(Line Mode) >95%
Transfer Time(AC to DC) ≤10ms(typical)
Transfer Time(DC to AC) ≤10ms(typical)
Charge Mode Specification
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
Input Voltage Range UPS mode:180-265Vac±4%  INV mode:160-265Vac±4%
Output Voltage Range UPS mode:180-265Vac±4%  INV mode:160-265Vac±4%
Nominal Charge Current 45A(Max.)
Charge Current Regulation ±5Adc
Charger ShortCircuit Protection Circuit breaker
Over Charge Protection Bat.V≥15.7Vdc/31.4Vdc/62.8Vdc,beeps 0.5s every 1s fault after 60s
Charge Algorithm
Algorithm Three stage:Boost CC (Constant current stage) Boost CV(constant voltage stage) Float(constant voltage stage)
General Specification
Operating Temperature Range 0℃ to 40℃
Storage temperature -15℃ ~ 60℃
Operatio humidity 5% to 95%
Audible Noise 60dB max
Cooling Forced air,variable speed fan


Model Number FSB1
Rated voltage 48V
Standard capacity 200Ah
Continuously useinput current 100A
Continuously useoutput current 100A
Charging voltage 57.6V—60V
Cut-off 2.5V single cell
Self-Discharge( 25℃) <3%/month
Depth of discharge Up to 95%
Charge method( CC/CV ) Operation: -20℃—70℃; Recommendation: 10℃—45℃
Cycle life Discharge cycle 2000 times< 1C, Discharge cycle 4000 times< 0.4C
Product Size 580±2×646±2×379±2mm
Advantages 1.All in one mould design and production, easy to install.
2.ith longer span life LiFePO4 battery, over 12 years lifespan, ensure the whole set products’life span.
3.Dustproof structure design, DC output, safe and reliable.
4.Integrated packaging, safe and convenient to transport
Storage and Transportation 1.Based on the character of cell, proper environment for transportation of LiFePO4 battery pack need to be created to protect the battery
2.Battery should be kept at -20℃—45℃ in warehouse where it’s dry, clean and well-ventilated.
3.During loading of battery, attention must be paid against dropping, turning over and serious stacking

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