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Fingerprint passwrod intelliget lock
Fingerprint passwrod intelliget lock
1: Working Temperature: (-30~+60)
2: Working Humidity: 40%—85%RH
3: Working Voltage: 6V DC Battery
3: Working Current: <250mA
4: Powered by: 4pieces of 1.5V AA batteries
5: Erro Rate: 0.00004%
6: Refusal Rate: 0.15%
7: Verification time 500ms
8: Material: Stainless steel lock body, panel, handles
9: Finishing: Drawbench
10: User capacity: One master and 99 users
11: Standard authorization: fingerprint, password, card
12: Fingerprint technology: Semiconductor acquisition fingerprint
13: Password length: 6-10 digits
14: Suitable for: Wooden and alumunium door
15: Door thickness: For 40-120mm
16: Including: Main lock, vice lock, battery, card, manual, spare parts bag, option(remote, CPU data card, card reader)
18: Fingerprint Capacity: 100sets
19: Card Capacity: 200sets in total
20: Password Capacity:
21: Clock Core Spare mechanical key with ultra C clockcore
22: LED Screen Humanization LED screen
23: User Management Multi-management with unlock records
24: Remote Control Optional
25: Wechat Wechat APP unlock
26: Voice instruction Intelliget voice guidance function
27: Password Screen High frequency password screen, with anti-peeking inputting function

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